Snack Ideas for School and at Home

Fresh fruit, vegetables, and granola bars are not the only healthy snacks.  Try some of the following snack ideas for a variety throughout the week.

    ~ Canned Peaches w/Cottage Cheese

     ~Baked Tortilla Chips w/Salsa

    ~"Ants on a Log" (peanut butter spread on celery ribs w/raisins)

   ~ Yogurt Parfait

    ~Cheese and Whole Grain Crackers

    ~Mini Pizza Pie (spread pizza sauce on 6" whole grain pitas, top with cheese and your favorite veggies, bake)

    ~Yogurt and Graham Crackers

    ~Peanut Butter and Bananas on Whole Wheat Bread

    ~Frozen 100% Fruit Juice Popsicles

    ~Rolled Ham or Turkey & Cheese Tortillas (ham or turkey and cheese rolled up in a flour tortilla)

    ~Whole Grain Waffle Topped with Low-Fat Vanilla Yogurt and Frozen Berries

   ~ Reduced Sugar Cereal w/Low-Fat or Fat Free Milk

*Offer a variety of dark green and orange fruits and vegetables for vitamins, whole grains for fiber, and low-fat dairy for calcium during snack time.
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