Sketchbook Assignments 2018-2019

Sketchbook List 2018-19

          Section 1: 1-6  Seniors Q1, Juniors Q2, Sophomores Q3 & Freshmen Q4

  1. wishing
  2. good intentions
  3. struggle
  4. useless
  5. giving up
  6. never

    Section 2: 7-12  Freshmen Q1, Seniors Q2, Juniors Q3 & Sophomores Q4

  7. feeling all the pain
  8. let go
  9. seeing red
  10. blurring all the lines
  11. tell the story
  12. blame

    Section 3: 13-18  Sophomores Q1, Freshmen Q2, Seniors Q3 & Juniors Q4

  13. never be the same
  14. lights are low
  15. stay
  16. unaware
  17. peaceful
  18. losing my mind

    Section 4: 19-24  Juniors Q1, Sophomores Q2, Freshmen Q3 & Seniors Q4

  19. can’t lie
  20. over my head
  21. stumble and fall
  22. pride
  23. imagine
  24. goodbye

You must complete 4 of the 6 sketch choices, you may complete a 5th for additional bonus points. Please follow the rotations listed above & number all sketches.  Sketchbook assignments must be shaded, detailed and fill the page. DO NOT trace or copy from other people’s cartoons.  If you lose your sketchbook you will automatically receive a zero. You may add color to one sketch per quarter. Sketchbooks will be due mid quarter!

Most importantly your sketchbooks are yours they will be used to determine your overall growth & understanding of drawing techniques.  Sketchbooks may be turned in before the due date advice will be given and students will have the opportunity to rework sketches to receive a better grade.

Grading Rubric: Sketchbook Assignments     I will get an average of your 4 best sketches, I will then add in the 5th sketch as bonus points.

Ex. 14+13+15+17=59/4=14.75/20=0.7375x 100= 73.75(would be your grade based on the 4 best sketches)+10 (bonus points, grade of 5th sketch)= 83.75

5pts. Shading
5pts. Detail
5pts. Use of Page
5pts. Creativity of assignment