Internet Safety and Online Resources

The Forest City Regional School District believes that the Internet can allow for a creative, collaborative, and learning environment in which our students can learn skills needed in the 21st Century. As more projects gain online components or use online resources, the School District believes that it is necessary to inform the parents of Internet Safety. This section of the handbook will briefly discuss Internet Safety and how you can extend the safety net of the School District to your own home. 

At Forest City Regional School District, the District has implemented a CIPA, Child Internet Protection Act, filter in which Internet traffic is filtered and monitored. This filter is based upon Internet black lists, local black lists, and other custom algorithms that can block inappropriate material from view.  Additional, our computers have anti-virus and anti-malware software on them to protect our computers, data, and users. 

Our Internet Web Filter and Anti-Virus solutions are focused on a large area network (LAN) for the size of our District. For personal use, there are some free and paid programs that are available for you to install that can control web access, filter websites, and increase your protection from viruses and malware.   

Internet Filtering Solutions

K9 Web Protection


Net Nanny


Open DNS


Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware

AVG Free / AVG Internet Security

Free / $49.49

CLAMWIN Anti -Virus


Norton Internet Security


Norton Security Scan


Microsoft Security Essentials


Kapersky Internet Security


McAffee Internet Security


Trend Micro


*Prices are estimates and are subject to change. Purchased services usually require annual renewal with the same price. FCRSD has no connection to any of these service providers or companies.

**The Forest City Regional School District is not responsible for installing or troubleshooting any issues that may come from installing or using software at home. The Forest City Regional School District has no partnerships or agreements with any of these companies; these are online sources available to everyone. 

In addition, the Forest City Regional School District, also recommends the following:

  1. Make sure your operating system is fully updated and has an Anti-Virus Program with latest virus definitions.
  2. Know what your children are doing online. Review their online profiles if they have them (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, AOL Instant Messenger, and any other communication technology). Make sure their profiles or communications does not contain any personal information which can lead to identity theft or reveal their location.
  3. Install Computers in “family rooms” where there is usually traffic; doing this allows for you to monitor what your children are doing online. This allows Internet use to be in the open and not behind closed doors (eg. bedroom).
  4. Monitor text messages by regularly reviewing cell phone usage, since many sites allow SMS messaging to update statuses or respond to other friends or contacts.

The following guidelines are from the Guidelines and Resources for Internet Safety in Schools from the Virginia Department of Education, Division of Technology & Career Education.  Downloadable from:

What Students Need to Know

  1. The Internet is a powerful tool that should be used wisely.
  2. Students need to know that not all Internet information is valid or appropriate.
  3. Students should be taught specifically how to maximize the Internet’s potential while protecting themselves from potential abuse.
  4. Internet messages and the people who send them are not always what or who they seem.
  5. Predators and cyber bullies anonymously use the Internet to manipulate students. Students must learn how to avoid dangerous situations and get adult help.
  6. Internet activities, such as playing games and downloading music or video files, can be enjoyable. Students need to know which activities are safe and legal.

What Parents, Grandparents, and Caregivers Need to Know

  1. The Internet is a valuable learning, communication, and entertainment provider. A child’s Internet use should be based on age and the family’s needs and values.
  2. Parents must understand potential Internet dangers and prepare their children just as they prepare them for going to the playground or crossing the street.
  3. Parents can provide the best protection for their children and help reinforce the principles learned in the classroom. Families should reach agreements about acceptable Internet activity and content.
  4. Monitoring is crucial. Parents should know where their children go online, how long they stay there, and the warning signs that something is wrong.

If there are any questions about Internet Safety, please contact the Technology Department, [email protected]  

Internet Resources

At the Forest City Regional School District, our students and teachers take advantage of the Internet’s resources to enhance their education through collaboration and creativity as they work and learn in a 21st Century Environment. Throughout the school year, teachers prepare projects that may contain online content. The following are some the websites and tools that students will use and learn with at Forest City Regional School District. 

1.       *Active Inspire/Studio

2.       *Adobe CS 4

3.       *Audacity

4.       *Autodesk 2015 Inventor

5.       *Digital Cameras

6.       *GeoGebra

7.       *Gimp

8.       *Google Sketch Up

9.       *Kodak/Canon Handheld Camcorders

10.     *Kurzweil

11.     *Lenovo Laptops and Workstations

12.     *Microsoft Movie Maker

13.     *Microsoft Office 2013

14.     *Microtype 5

15.     *Music Maker Basic Edition

16.     *Open Office

17.     *Photo Story

18.     *Scratch

19.     *Type to Learn

20.     *Video Conferencing

21.     *Windows 7

  1. Accelerated Reader Online
  3. Career Cruising
  4. Compass Learning Odyssey
  5. Glogster (For Education)
  6. Google Apps for Education (including email)
  7. Google Earth
  8. Mind42
  9. Moodle
  10. Prezi
  11. Skype
  12. Study Island
  13. Voki
  14. Wikispaces

*Programs Installed Locally at the District on District Equipment.  

This is a short list of some of the Technologies your children will encounter at our School District. If there are ever any questions about the use of a site for a project or for part of a class, please contact the school, teacher or offices.   Most of the resources are available locally without the Internet. The rest of the resources require an Internet Connection to access. The online resources are free and widely used for education. Additionally, free educational sites may contain non-educational versions; these non-educational sites may be inappropriate. If you ever have questions about any of these sites, please contact the office, teacher, or technology coordinator.

Internet Safety Guidelines and Resources
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